Qbit Application

QBIT merges the distinct functions of a professional company into single people management
software. QBIT’s modular structure allows a company to demand customization, addition, or even deletion of modules, as per need. With a flexible architecture and dual modes for data storage – cloud and on-premise

QBIT enables an organization to:
● consolidate its discrete domains on a single platform
● acquire real-time results of various business operations
● reduce redundant tasks and save time
● standardize all processes and workflow
● automate human resource management
● synchronize an organization’s overall working

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ROLE of QBIT in your organization

Along with the capabilities of a conventional client-company relationship software, the stand-alone CRM module in QBIT:
Fosters personalized client engagement
  • easy onboarding of new clients
  • maintains directories of all existing and new clients
  • offers insights for enhanced client relationships
Facilitates sales force automation
  • tracks delivery services at every touchpoint
  • logs all product details traded with every client
  • records client proposal details with updated statuses
Elevates team productivity
  • fosters upselling and cross-selling with analytics
  • unifies multiple teams involved in client services
  • improves performance by reviewing past sales
The HRMS module is a cohesive unit for all administrative functions of the human resource department in a business. The HR management module of QBIT:
Cultivates competent work environment
  • elevates cross-team collaboration
  • allows task assignment and reporting
  • permits employers to access self-records
  • defines annexures and company policies
Automates employee maintenance
  • maps individual employee shifts for marking billable hours
  • generates salary slips and income tax declarations
  • notifies approvals, permissions, and announcements
  • monitors employee timesheets and attendance
  • automates leave applications and travel requisition
Analyzes in-house team performance
  • elevates goal setting and tracking methods
  • curates employee evaluation reports
  • enables sharing of reports and performance analysis
Right from order requisition to payment tracking, the Purchase module in QBIT pools all aspects of purchase order management and:
Unifies multiple commerce processes
  • documents invoices and bills
  • authorizes purchase and its specifications
  • lists purchase specifications
Accelerates sourcing operations
  • alerts in real-time inventory updates
  • supervises status of each purchase
  • enforces agile requisition and order placement
Delivers easy vendor engagement
  • verifies product POCs from vendors
  • logs vendor payment status with categories
  • saves vendor registration details
  • collates vendor lists
The sales management module unifies all sales related processes for coordinated trade between a company and its customers. For ensuring effective sales management, QBIT:
Conducts strategic sales execution
  • carries out real-time analysis for goal-mapping and target setting
  • updates individual sale records
  • sets and evaluates sale targets
Centralizes marketing interactions
  • allows email engagement with customers
  • enables easy client registration
  • generates product POCs for clients
Improvises retail transactions
  • predicts next-step measures from previous sales
  • offers insights based on performance reviews
  • tracks payment and billing
Along with consolidating all purchase and asset information, the asset management module: Reinforces real-time asset control
  • monitors life-cycle for every asset
  • maintains inward material registers
  • handles employee requisition details
Tailors comprehensive vendor databases
  • assists in one-time vendor registration
  • lists all vendor-asset relations
  • manages requisition queries and responses
Enforces asset knowledge
  • allows for unlimited asset entries
  • creates new asset groups and categories
  • updates license agreements on assets
  • notifies license expiration or renewal of assets
  • alerts contract expiration dates

Reap the benefits of QBIT

Secure your data

Secure all your data with 6 levels of encryption and additional security measures like access name, password and URL encoding.

Select a data storage model
Choose a data storage model that you’re comfortable with. QBIT is available as both on cloud, as well as, on-premise version.
Improve inter and intra-team collaboration

Improve co-ordination between and within teams with seamless import/export of information using QBIT, allowing for efficiency within the organization.

Automate recurring tasks

Automate recurring tasks, like notifying employees about company policies, vendor registration, and registering and updating product details to avoid redundancy and to save time.

Enrich customer relations

Enrich client-company relationships with reports and statistics that offer transparency, and forecast client needs and requirements.

Customize as per the company requirements
Customize QBIT to have only the required modules in it and pay only for what you use.
Exercise control over multiple tasks

Exercise control over multiple aspects of your trade, such as order requisition, proposal status, payment updates, and shipment tracking, using a single dashboard.

Digitize reports and documentation

Digitize and curate sales reports, trade invoices, and employee documentation for error-free paperwork.

Integrate information

Integrate all business information, employee details, client and vendor data, asset inventory, in a single, easy to navigate platform for effortless data accessibility.

Find what makes QBIT unique

Subscription based model
Unbounded user limits
6-level data security
Additional SSL implementation
Client access licenses
Customized dashboard
Efficient post-sales support
Unique encryption-based access
Secure password encryption
Intuitive & user-friendly layout
In-context team collaboration
Hassle-free data entry and management
Tag based segmentation
Extensive data accessibility
Timeline management


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