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A - Education is a fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise Software System that has solution of being dedicated to activities associated with managing student learning, assessment, Staff, Library, Hostel, Transport and many more.

     Its integrated and web approach will reduce lot of Management Cost, minimize paper work and brings in accountability in every single operation, enhance communication among students, Teachers, management, Parents, Alumni, Guest. This Educational ERP very gracefully handle all requirement for easy school/college Management or chain of schools/colleges.

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Features of A-Education

  1. Course and Batches: The Courses & Batches module of helps you with all the functionalities while starting up a new batch or a course. This module is characterized to manage the master files for course, classes and the batch curriculum.
  2. Student Admission: With the help of A- Education Admission Module you can now operate Student’s Admission process with complete ease plus accuracy.
  3. Student Information: You can easily search students by enabling advanced filter options, create students’ reports, send SMS to students and parents and also search former students.
  4. Human Resource: Automation reduces human efforts, time expense and errors.
  5. Time Table: It creates master-timetables for the Institute. Administrators can add/edit/view time table and schedule.
  6. Student Attendance: The attendance Module is the fastest and easiest way of maintaining the attendance. The faculty member can upload the student’s attendance by uploading the present and absent list.
  7. Staff,Student and Parent Login: Student & Parent Login Module creates a personalized space for students as well as Parents where they can manage their work effectively plus effortlessly and also stay connected with other users. Employee Login Module creates a personalized space for the employees where they can manage their work more effectively plus effortlessly.
  8. Library: Library management allowing the school to manage multiple library from single place. And also help to keep records of books.
  9. Transportation: With the help of Transportation Module, you can easily keep a track over the vehicles of your organization. You can separately maintain a record of your own and rented vehicles.
  10. Assignment: The Assignment Module helps teachers to evaluate student's performance by giving assignments which students can do from their home.
  11. Registration: Registration module, operating registration process is such an easy task. You can enable auto-admissions, generate admit cards and offer students to enrol students through the institute’s website.
  12. SMS: The aim is to keep student/parents/staff up to date with institution internal information like timetable schedule, result/fees updates, Holidays or any unplanned announcements that to be distributed among all the users, or to send them notifications for important events.
  13. News Management: Dispense awareness around with news management module. This helps in better flow of action across various departments as well as keeps parents updated about their ward’s performance and institutional happenings.


Unified Integrated structure which reduces data redundancy and ensures process standardization
A complete decision support system for the management with multiple report
Highest security at User Level,Module Level, Form Level & Database Level
Centralize Management for all Branches and Associate
Single-click interface that provides overview of all the departments in campus
Platform Independent

What is Different in Aarav's A-Education ?

  • Aarav’s A-Education is a centralized solution for all the school and college activities
  • In-depth, layered architecture to capture complete data without duplication
  • Intelligent reports generated using analytics tool
  • Integration with Google Maps to get Track of students and staff for security purpose
  • Intelligent & Agile with In-memory computing
  • We deploy automation circuits to reduce your cost by monitoring malfunctioning on site
  • We are using the core technology to maintain your data integrity and security
  • Bulk SMS support
  • Reduces a lot of manual work, as well as user friendly
  • Working in Distributed Environment
  • Easy & Secure maintenance & Management of data
  • Zero redundancy in managing the entire institutions records as the database is centralized
  • save man hours & money in lots of communication aspects
  • No or least hardware upgrade required

And many more...

Modules in A-Education

  • Student Database
  • Security Management
  • Master Creation and Administration
  • Enquiry Management
  • Admission Management
  • Fees Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Student Attendance Management
  • Student Info Management
  • Core Academics
  • Exam Management
  • Staff Info Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Library Management
  • Transport
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Assets
  • Asset Purchase
  • Contacts & Alumni Management
  • Communications
  • Grant Funds
  • Compliance Management
  • Event Management
  • Scholarships and Trophies
  • Parent - Teacher Meeting Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Help Desk Management
  • Abacus (News Letter) Management
  • Medical Center Management
  • Educational Store Management
  • Canteen/Cafeteria Management
  • HRMS



We are very satisfied and happy to get Aarav Software as our technology partner. During our relationship, Aarav Software has developed a good understanding of our process and workflows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side. Aarav’s Management is very down to earth and gets involved in Clients interest, I wish a very best luck and keep up the good work

-Prof. Rajkumar Mishra”
Founder and Chairman
GPM and IRIS Group of International Schools and Colleges