Crisp and tight applications empower the organizations to make sound and smart business decisions. All enterprises require a large degree of homegrown applications to be developed to streamline their operations. Most of the organizations spend a huge amount from their budgets in maintaining their current applications and still land up in application failures and low performance. Aarav Software Services application management services can manage your organization's entire set of applications in the most effective and efficient manner.

Aarav Software Services range of software application management services help clients work more efficiently while improving ROI. Aarav Software Services unified application management process, supported by the proven balance delivery methodology, and Aarav Software Services quality management system, renders round the clock delivery of high quality solutions at significantly low costs.

Aarav Software Services works closely with its clients at every phase of planning, designing, developing, testing, deployment and maintenance of high quality applications using modern tools and techniques. Aarav Software Services has extensive experience in rapidly delivering superior quality applications to fortune clients across many industries.
Aarav Software Services offers the following range of Application Management services to our clients across various domains:

Application Management services

  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Migration Services
  • Rich Internet Application Development
  • Online/Web based Application Development
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Testing Services

Help Desk/User Support/Technical Support(24X7) It is our continuous effort to be affluent with the latest technologies in order to provide effective and quality solutions to our present and future clients. Applications designed and developed with our pioneer approach offer the best-in-class services at an optimal cost.


Aarav Software Services provides portal solutions with a focus on prioritizing and managing user expectations, handling governance issues and making the enterprise portal evolution more predictable. These portal solutions integrate rich social media and web 2.0 features that enable organizations to open communication channels across the enterprise.

The Aarav Software Services Enterprise Portal team has expertise in building portals that are secure, compatible and available. These portals can be customized to meet customer needs like expanded functionalities, integration with various enterprise applications and services, and displaying contextual information. Aarav Software Services helps client set up different types of portals for a diverse range of requirements, like vendor portals, intranet, customer service portals etc as per the specific requirements. Integration with Aarav Software Services-owned Unified Output Management Solution allows for integrated information presentment with mass-customization and individual-level customization as required.

Key Differentiator:

  • Availability of the right information at the right time to the right people in the right format
  • Experience in industry standard tools
  • Intramural Human Computer Interaction expertise
  • Expertise in compliance to standards
  • Effective and faster decision-making


Aarav Software Services mobile application development service allows our clients to experience the benefit of mobility such as faster access to any kind of information at any time, and anywhere, compatibility and integration with other applications in real-time. Aarav Software Services has experience in developing mobile applications that are compatible with the current information systems, and support other user-friendly entertainment features. Our mobile applications also support all major platforms like Windows Mobile platform, Symbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, .Net, Java/J2ME, WAP, etc.

Our team of experts works with our clients to understand their requirements and the purpose of it, in order to develop the best optimal solution. Since 2000, we have developed significant reusable applications, code and utilities that help us in executing projects maintaining the security and authenticity of the information used, keeping in mind the time and budget.


Our Project/ Program Management services are designed to assist our clients in managing their small scale and large scale Projects/ Programs by using our team of Project Management Experts, proven methodologies and actual performance taking into consideration the strategic imperatives, operational constraints and organizational culture.

Aarav Software Services serves our client organizations with the globally recognized standards and expertise in managing their Projects/Programs. Our Program/Project Management Services are specifically designed to ensure that all projects/programs run smoothly in a timely manner. Throughout the process, our Project/ Program Management team focuses on delivering trouble-free services with minimal disruption to your business. By taking the time to develop a clear understanding of the targets and purposes surrounding the client's requirements, we provide better solutions that are more robust to the effects of change and scalability.

Following are some of the features and benefits we offer to our clients through our Program/Project Management Services:

Key Features:

  • Define requirements and assess risks to determine feasibility from the outset
  • Create comprehensive project plans
  • Establish project structures, timelines, budgets, and milestones
  • Produce all the necessary documentation and Project/ Program Management deliverables
  • Collaborate closely with your team Benefits
  • Produce reliable and predictable outcomes• Allows Effective Communication
  • Lower risks
  • Offers global standards across the organization
  • Achieve on-time, on-budget results