How to Choose the Right EDI Service Provider for Your Enterprise

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) deals with interchange of important business information using standard formats. This process helps in transmitting the information from one company to another company. EDI handles exchange of important documents like purchase orders and invoices that is traditionally done via email manually in many businesses. 

Many businesses find it difficult to appoint trading partners due to their traditional approach of managing the data. Businesses fail to understand that in absence of technology upgradation it can be challenging to integrate systems, applications and trading partners. EDI not only helps in data transmission but also in providing the set of governance, onboarding, managing the process, etc. Whether it is submission of Purchase Order or Vendor Invoicing, standardized EDI ensures digital medium for such transmission among all the stakeholders. EDI ensures automation of day-to-day transactions and better customer service for the improved business value. So, choosing the right EDI provider is an important part in the journey of your business.

Let us understand the ways to identify the best EDI provider:

Selecting the right EDI provider can be quite a tedious task but it’s always worth to invest your time in it: 

1. Support

Your EDI provider should be flexible enough to help you with all the formats and standards as per your requirement. It can be upgradation of the system or compliance with EDIFACT, Tradacoms along with NON-EDI formats like XML, JSON and CSV. This flexibility can be good for your partners, vendors and customers for the communication.  Your Modern EDI platform should include the support for all the formats and standards. 

2. Automation

Are your resources putting more efforts in the manual work of data entry or focusing on the core business objectives? It is good to spend more time for careful manual data work but human errors cannot be ignored. It is better to get rid of legacy EDI and focus on more automation with the help of your EDI provider. Modern EDI providers provide seamless technology integration for better automated communication process to save on time and resources.

3. Process Transparency

End-to-End process transparency and visibility are valuable for an EDI provider. Your EDI provider should understand the demand of goods and should have comparative analysis of the competitor as well for better optimizing the business ecosystem relationship. It is better if EDI providers can help with the dashboard to the businesses and the users to understand the customer journey, insights, intelligence and other reports for making well-informed business decisions. 

4. Onboarding

The process of EDI helps in faster onboarding of the customer or trading partner. It helps in smoothening of business process and becomes the first interaction point for a well-executed plan. It also generates map-based workflow for faster and transparent interactions among all the stakeholders.  

5. Fines & Penalties

Compliance Violation and non-maintenance of the customer SLA can make your business suffer with heavy fines and penalties. The communication and exchanges should be done through reliable sources and manual intervention can lead to errors. One of the leading and Best EDI service providers ensure smooth communication along with alerts for any such missed events of sending or receiving the documents. This results in customer satisfaction and saves the possible fines and penalties.

How to choose the best EDI provider?

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