• Prescription writer Software is the most trusted and widely used prescription writing medical software.
  • Our auto prescription management software will print a well formatted prescription your patient will love it.
  • The prescription writer software makes the life of both the doctors and patients easy, comfortable, and organized by arranging all the health and medical parameters in one place and disseminating them as and when required.
  • Expecting to release in a very cheap cost with finest service and supports.

Vital features of Prescription Writer Software :

  • Patient Medical History will be available at one click.
  • Enable Search Suitable Medicine.
  • Provides Medical Stock information.
  • User Friendly:Customized report will be generated and is sent to the patient through SMS and Email.
  • Easy Prescription and Medical Certificate Printing.
  • Easily accessible via Mobile Application.
  • Reduces Pilferage usage as Stock and Data gets tracked.
  • Unidentified expenses are tracked.

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What clients say

It really helps me to fill the clinical information with easy check boxes and dropdown features. Prescribing the drugs and investigations is also easy.This software suits all our requirements and is suitable for the clinical Management. I wish ‘AARAV’ to continue its innovative approach and good support.

-Dr. Bharat Shah
Plastic Surgeon