Security System File Locker Folder Locker Random Generation of Password



✔  Offline Plug and play device (USB Flash Drive) which can be plugged into windows based machine.

✔ Once USB flash drive is plugged into machine Application is visible. If user runs the application, it asks for password.

✔ If password is correct then application will run for 60 minutes in which video will be played and after 60 minutes application will be closed automatically.

✔ It should be noted that user cannot open video without entering password.

✔ Log will be generated in which Date & Time and Password is maintained.

✔ Log entry is maintained each time password is entered.


  • ✔ Random password generation for each plugin.

  • ✔ Log generation for each correct and incorrect password.

  • ✔ Session management for each password used.

  • ✔ Files Protection.

  • ✔ Portable Software.

  • ✔ Robust.


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